5 Tips about Fillers

 fillers photos1. Fillers are added to liquid resins and paint to lighten the finished product or to create a desired surface.

2. When used with epoxies, be sure to activate the resin before adding fillers. So, you do not throw off the ratio of the epoxy system or it will not work properly.

3. Talc and Fumed Silica will give you a nice creamy putty, but they are not very sandable.

4. Microballoons will give you a lighter and more sandable putty.

5. Phenolic Microballoons are the largest sphere and easiest to sand.

4 Tips When Working with Fiberglass

100_08691. Do not mix more resin then you can apply within minutes.
2. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area.
3. When working with thicker glass first apply resin, then fiberglass and resin on top.
4. Wear safety apparel for the project you have at hand. Different projects require different safety apparel.

5 Tips about Orthophthalic Polyester Resin

1288181. Excellent general purpose laminating resin
2. Absorbs less water
3. Shrinks less -good cosmetically
4. Good for hand wet-out
5. Can be used above or below the waterline

4 Tips about Spray Guns vs. Cup Guns

130354G830 2.0 HVLP
Spray Gun
Product # 130354 

130295G100-6 Professional Cup Gun
Product # 130295

1. Cup guns will spray gelcoat straight out without having to reduce the gelcoat first.

2. Spray guns depending on the tip size may require reduction with Patch Booster or Duratec.

3. Cup guns are generally used for mold application.

4. Spray guns are generally used for re-finishing parts.

5 Tips on Various Fiberglass Coatings Solvents

1. Acetone is good for cleaning polyesters, but not epoxies.


2. Lacquer Thinner tends to be a good solvent for cleaning surfaces to remove wax and oils.


3. Isopropyl Alcohol 99% (water free) is a mild solvent that is recommended when using Epoxy Table Top Resin and cleaning new epoxy surfaces.


4. Mineral Spirits works well with paint and polyurethane enamel.


5. Styrene reduces polyester, iso and vinyl ester resins for better wood penetration.



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