4 Tips about Surfboard Polyester Resin

1379261. Surfboard Polyester Resin cures to an almost clear color in laminates or films.

2. This resin has a low viscosity for easy wet out and is promoted for room temperature cure.

3. This wax free resin is the ideal choice for surf and sail board manufacturing.

4. This resin can be used for 1/4″ thick castings.

4 Tips about Dispersion Pigments


1. Pigments are very powerful and a small amount is enough to get a strong color.

2. Suitable for use with most epoxies and polyesters.

3. The thicker the product on the surface, the less pigment is needed for a solid color.

4. A small amount of pigment in a clear resin will have a translucent end result.

3 Tips for Cleaning Fiberglass Rollers


1. We recommend cleaning rollers immediately after use.
2. Clean rollers with Acetone solvent, when using them with polyesters.
3. Clean rollers with T-12 solvent, when using them with epoxies.
4. Rolling the roller on the bottom of the solvent bucket is recommended, as that will clean the inside of the roller.

3 Tips When Using Epoxy Table Top Resin

Epoxy resin photo COPY1. We highly recommend testing a sample piece before beginning your final project.

2. While using Epoxy Table Top Resin in castings, we recommend using thin pours of no more than 1/4”.

3. We recommend using the chart below to estimate coverage and thickness.


3 Tips about Bust-A-Bubble Air Release

1237571. Recommended for use with Epoxy Table Top Resin,
when pouring thicker pours.
2. We do not recommend spraying heavily or it will
get into the epoxy and contract.
3. Recommended to be be sprayed as
soon as the epoxy is poured.


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