Do It Best 2014 – $1,000 Shopping Giveaway Winner Interview: Kathryn Boshell

Congratulations to Kathryn Boshell for being the winner of our Do It Best 2014 – $1,000 Spring Merchandise Giveaway.

She resides in Sunrise, Florida and normally shops at our Fort Lauderdale location.

 FGCI 030

  1. Have you won any giveaways before?
I won a turkey at the fairgrounds once, but nothing like this.

2. What products did you decide to choose for this giveaway?
I choose a swing set for my granddaughter.

3. How often do you shop at Fiberglass Coatings?
What makes you a repeat customer?
I shop at Fiberglass Coatings about once a week.
The staff is what makes me come back.

4. What products do you normally buy from Fiberglass Coatings?
Can you tell us a specific product/products you buy and what you use them for?
I usually purchase vinylester resin in pails. I use the resin for boat repairs.

 5. Will you be signing up for our fall merchandise giveaway?
Oh yes, I will be!

winner 001

We have shopping giveaways every fall and spring.
Be sure to sign up while you are in store!


We have two locations: one in St. Petersburg, FL and one in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
We also have web presence at and are featured on E-Bay and Amazon.
Our toll free number is 1-800-272-7890.

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