5 Tips for Using Gelcoat

Gelcoat Photo1. When spraying gelcoat, we recommend using spray guns with 2.0 nozzles or bigger.
2. We recommend chilling the gelcoat down to 70°F to prolong the working time.
3. Before using gelcoat, it must be stirred/agitated. The use of a mechanical agitator is preferred. Do not whip air into the gelcoat.
4. Gelcoat is suited for a broad range of high quality, open-mold, lay-up applications including boats/yachts, swimming pools, sanitary ware, sinks, recreational vehicles, commercial/mass transit vehicles and industrial components.
5. Apply in smooth brush strokes yielding a wet film thickness of 18-20 mils. Gelcoat can be brushed, poured, rolled or sprayed .

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