FGCI New Product Spotlight: Presta!


At FGCI we are always striving to bring you the latest and greatest in products that represent both quality and value to the customer. With that being said, I present our new line of buffing, polishing and compound products by Presta!

Presta Products has been manufacturing high-quality, specialty finishing and cleaning products such as compounds, detailing chemicals and accessories used by a variety of automotive, marine and industrial customers since 1953.

You may have seen these products demonstrated at boat and trade shows this past year, and most recently, at our University of FGCI Gelcoat class in April. The new line has been flying off the shelf, so let’s take a look at some of the Presta Products hot sellers.

Presta’s PMC Complete Compound will remove 600 grit and finer scratches and heavy oxidation. It has an unprecedented cut and gloss performance. Presta products are water based, so it offers an easy cleanup. You will use wool buffing pads for this.

Gelcoat Compound is formulated to buff cooler to minimize fiberglass damage and it removes 1000 grit and finer scratches and oxidation. Use the wool buffing pad for this product.

Ultra Polish is the followup to the Gelcoat Compound and is great for removing minor surface imperfections and oxidation. Use this stuff with a polishing pad for a great, high gloss shine that will last.

UV Crème Wax is the final touch to your restoration of gelcoat. This protects everything you’ve just done. It adds another layer of UV protection and protects against salt and corrosion as well.

There are several other products we have adapted as well, so make sure you check them out today, either in our showroom, or online at www.FGCI.com.

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