Interview with Letti Underhill – Elite Personal Solutions

Interview by Samantha on 10/27

Elite Personal Solutions Logo

  1. When did you start your business and why did you start it?

I started my business about 25 years ago in Chicago when I worked in retail. My customers were the ones to launch my business by asking for my help with personal shopping. After retail hours, I spent my extra time with my customers helping them shop for clothing and helping them find the right paint and decorating. After moving to Florida, I formed an LLC and began painting, decorating and image consulting just as I was doing in Chicago.

About eight years ago Time Warner, now known as Bright House, found and hired me to decorate their corporate offices for the holidays. I began building, engineering and fabricating to create the look I needed. I realized what I was creating in my head could not be bought and therefor I had to make it.

  1. What kind of products or services do you offer at your business?

We sell service, creativity and hard work…all to better you and your surroundings.

  1. How often do you shop at Fiberglass Coatings? What makes you a repeat customer?

I shop at Fiberglass Coatings to find materials that will work with my display materials. I use these materials for all kinds of projects; some are used as lightweight shapes to hang from ceilings. The liquids I purchase are used as a bonding for hardening surfaces so materials are more durable and or water proof.

     4. What products do you normally buy from Fiberglass Coatings? Can you tell us a specific product/products you buy and what you use them for?

We use fiberglass tape or material sheets and 2-part epoxy. We buy foam, tape, gloves, brushes, rollers, etc. Today, we are creating a hard-coat surface to hang styrofoam lettering from the ceilings for a holiday decoration project.

Elite Personal Solutions is located in Hudson, Florida.
Check out their online presence at

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