Interview with small business owner, Kumpa Tawornprom

Interview by Samantha on 12/4


1. When did you start your business and why did you start it?

I started sculpting large scale sculptures back in 1997 at ArtFX. They were looking for artists who could sculpt large scale oriental dragons. I came in and started with confidence and no back ground and I just make it happen. That how I started my profession.

2. What kind of products or services do you offer at your business?

I do fine arts, industrial arts, painting, sculpting for Disney, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. I also created sculptures for local restaurants. In Tampa, I created a 32 foot iguana for Green Iguana. In Clearwater and Dunedin, I created a 15 foot grouper for Frenchy’s.

3. How often do you shop at Fiberglass Coatings? What makes you a repeat customer?

I used fiberglass and resin for my sculpting job. My partner, Chad Fisher and I also build custom stand up paddleboards. We have a paddleboard company called Orange Board Company. We used fiberglass and epoxy resin for coating all the boards.

4. What products do you normally buy from Fiberglass Coatings? Can you tell us a specific product/products you buy and what you use them for? 

I use fiberglass, Surfboard resin and Table Top Epoxy. Also, you have great team of                 technical support that help me along with my project.


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