A Hardware Store and more!

DIB Logo

At FGCI.com, we carry almost any product you could possibly need for almost any type of job, from casting resin, to building a boat, we have you covered. Now, about that ‘almost’ part, well, for that, we have Do it Best. We have a full service hardware store just for that special item you may need.

Do It Best can be accessed right through our homepage of FGCI.com. When you click on the icon, it will take you right to their store, giving you access to 19 additional categories of items you may not find at FGCI from automotive products to storage. If you are looking for a grill, or something to clean your grill, or even the supplies to build a patio to put your new grill on, they have it. The best part? You can have your items shipped right to one of our two showrooms and pick it up in our showroom and not pay for shipping!

So, next time you are just surfing our site, check out the link to Do it Best. Just be careful, it’s really easy to find a lot of things you suddenly realized you need. Trust me!

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