6 Tips on FGCI Rot Stop Epoxy


rot stop
Rot Stop is available in 1/2 gallon and gallon containers.


Here at FGCI, we have many different kinds of epoxy. Today, we are going to look at a different one that is very popular; Rot Stop!

Rot Stop is a 2-part epoxy that is 1:1 ratio and is very simple to mix. The coverage is similar to other epoxies, and like other epoxies, the product does vary in thickness based on temperature. The advantage to Rot Stop is it is NOT affected by moisture, making it excellent for deck or flooring and cracking repair, especially moisture damage.


Let’s look at a few different tips for the product that will help you with your Rot Stop project.

  1. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes, ensuring it is properly mixed. It is ok to whip with a stir stick or even a drill mixer, as air bubbles aren’t a concern like they are with casting resin or table top. Once mixed, transfer to a clean, unused container and mix for one more minute. This will ensure any unmixed material will be properly mixed.
  2. We generally recommend mixing only a quart at a time, as you only have about a 12 minute working time at 70 degrees, and about 8 minutes at 90 degrees.
  3. Again, depending on how hot it is that day, you can walk on it in as little as 3-4 hours, if it’s during the summer, down at 70 degrees, however, you will want to give it 5-6 hours before allowing any traffic.
  4. At 70 degrees or higher, the material should self-level almost immediately; anything cooler than that, however, will take some time to level as the material gets thicker.
  5. Generally, one coat is all that is needed, but for tough, industrial jobs, you can add a second coat.
  6. Use Toluene to cleanup any tools and surfaces before the mixture cures.

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