Let’s talk Fiberglass

Let’s talk Fiberglass, everyone! Here at Fiberglass Coatings, our techs know a thing or two about fiberglass and they are always looking to help. We have some different fiberglass for different jobs, so let’s cover a few of the main types. Most of these are offered in different widths and are sold by the roll or by the yard.


1-1/2 oz Mat

Mat – It’s the most basic and widely used type of fiberglass we have. The roll is a whole bunch of small fibers thrown together on a binder. There is no specific direction to the fibers, which makes them pretty universally strong and light. This is sold in anything for ¾ oz all the way up to 2 oz thickness. Mat is generally used for parts, more than anything. It’s also great for not showing fiberglass patterns through the gelcoat.



woven roving
24 oz Woven Roving

Woven Roving This is a weave, where the long fibers are weaved together like a cloth. They are extremely thick and durable but are also heavier than other fiberglass materials. They aren’t used as much because they often print their pattern through gelcoat, but you will still see this glass for heavy duty items.  Woven Roving is sold in 18 and 24 oz thickness.



45-45 1708

Double-Bias – This is a combination of the two previous fiberglass materials. This product has woven roving on one side and mat on the other, offering the best of both world and making a very sturdy part. This product can also be used for boat and house decks due to its rigidity. This product is sold in 1208, 1708, 2408, and 3610, where the first number is the woven roving thickness (12 being 12 ounce Roving, and 08 being the mat thickness, or in this case ¾ oz).

These products come in one of two types of weaves, or orientations of the fiberglass. The first is referred to as the CM or 0/90 weave. In this case, the weave goes horizontally and vertically, so, it’s stronger for things like stringers. There is also an XM version that is a +/- 45, so they have crossing 45 degree angles. This makes the glass stronger, but it does not fold and bend as easy.


6 oz cloth
6 oz Cloth

Cloth Fiberglass cloth is a very fine material, adding rigidity but also providing a good looking product for anything that is see-through. It is very common for surfboards as it’s thin and lightweight and looks nice with clear resin covering it. It’s sold in 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz thicknesses.


Carbon Fiber – Known for it’s superior strength to other fiberglass material, Carbon Fiber is an extremely popular choice. The material is very light and very durable. Carbon Fiber does not have a binder, the cloth is simply weaved together in different variations, generally called Twils. We carry a Carbon Fiber and a Combo cloth. Carbon Fiber is also the most aesthetically pleasing of the products we have.


carbon cloth
Carbon cloth (in black) and our Carbon Combo Cloth (in black and yellow).



7 thoughts on “Let’s talk Fiberglass

  1. Kris Witman June 28, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    Hi! I know this might be a strange question. But I use your 2 part resin for bottlecap art. ( it’s the best resin I’ve ever used!! Love love love it!)
    My question is in the fiber cloth and carbon fiber. I created a bottle cap skirt and vest that I wear to events. I have many request from people looking to buy one but it’s a high maintenance outfit. After reading your article on the fiber cloth – do you think it would be possible to use for clothing? (I know with a light coating of resin- would seal and protect or might make it heavier than the one I wear. I have pictures of my outfit if that would help give you and idea of what I’m talking about.

    Thanks! Kris

    • FGCI June 28, 2017 / 2:23 pm

      I think the cloth would be pretty heavy, and adding resin to it would make it rigid. We don’t have anything really light enough to make it flow like cloth that you can add the bottlecaps to. Now, adding the bottlecaps to a regular cloth should be fairly easy. We have a Superbond Epoxy that should adhere to the cloth pretty well.

      FGCI Customer Service

      • Kris Witman June 29, 2017 / 12:48 am

        Thank you kevin! I’m going to try that!

      • Kris Witman June 29, 2017 / 12:55 am

        Could you give me your link for the superbond epoxy?

      • Kris Witman June 29, 2017 / 8:14 pm

        Thanks for your help Kevin! I just ordered the Superbond Epoxy!

      • FGCI June 29, 2017 / 8:26 pm

        That’s great! Let me know what you think! It’s one of our best sellers.


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