Estimating Gelcoat Coverage

Brushable Gelcoat PhotoOne of our most popular questions is exactly how much gelcoat will I need to complete a job. The answer isn’t always extremely simple, but we will try to make it as simple as we can.

To start off, you need to specify exactly how thick you plan on applying the gelcoat. The gelcoat is measured by a mil gauge. When looking at the thickness, gelcoat is recommended to be about 15 mils thick, or roughly the thickness of a credit card. You can apply up to about 20 mils, but anything thicker can result in gauge 2

Once you know your thickness, at 15 mils, you will get about 25 square feet per quart or 100 square feet per gallon. Another way to think of it is a quart will cover a 4’ x 8’ sheet of laminate.

Estimating your job is an important step. If you are looking to figure out how much gelcoat your pool will require, we have a handy tool on our website you can find by going here: (FGCI Pool area calculator).

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