Product Spotlight: Aqua Buff-With Video

aqua-buffBuffing compounds can make your hard work look great, or it avoids you from having to redo things by removing scratching and creating a great shine. One of the products we carry that is very popular called Aqua Buff, made by Hawkeye Indsutries. Let’s take a look at the product and the two variations.

Aqua Buff is a great, inexpensive compound that can be used to remove scratches, oxidation and swirl marks. We carry two types of Aqua Buff; the 1000 and the Aqua Buff 2000. The 1000 is carried in gallon, 2-gallon, 5-gallon and drum sizes and is used for deep scratches and heavy oxidation. The Aqua Buff 2000 handles the finer scratches and the swirl marks and light oxidation. The Aqua Buff 2000 is carried in quarts, gallons, 2-gallon buckets, 5-gallon buckets and drums. Both Aqua Buff products can be either a blue color or a white color.

There are a few tricks, as you may see in the video to using Aqua Buff and getting the best result. With Aqua Buff, it is recommended that you spray some water over the applied wax before buffing. Also, you want to use a buffer that is able to achieve 2500 RPM for best results.

Aqua Buff is a great product you can find in our showrooms, on our website, and on Amazon and Ebay as well.

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