Product Spotlight: Kay-Cel


We offer many types of Coring materials here at FGCI. Each material has different uses and benefits. Finding the right one for your project can be challenging. We are here to help! Today’s product spotlight is on a foam coring material called “Kay-Cel.”

Kay-Cel is a reinforced Closed-Cell Polyurethane foam panel. The surface has 18oz Woven Roving on top and has a density of 25 pounds. We sell the 4′ x 8′ sheets in everything from 1/2″ thickness to 2″ thickness.

The great part about Kay-Cel is the strength and the relative lack of weight. The sheet is 30% lighter than plywood, but unlike plywood, the sheets will not rot. That is extremely important for projects like transoms and stringers, where the product could be introduced to water. The foam uses a cross-linked polymer foam that allows the foam to not absorb water. As a result; it’s structurally sound, and great for use in marine applications.

You can check out our Kay-Cel selection on our website HERE. 


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