FGCI Fiberglass Clearance Special


We have some fiberglass we are clearing out and we are cutting prices big time! Now is your chance to save big on select rolls of Fiberglass! Be sure to contact your sales rep for pricing, but do it quick, because these rolls won’t last long!


XM2415 50″ FGCI +/- 45 – (125665) A great heavy-Duty glass on sale! 



SM1815 – 50″ FGI – (125683) – A Stitchmat glass on sale! 




Woven Roving – 18oz 50″ FGI (125818) – A medium weight Woven Roving On Sale!


CM1603 50″ FGI Biaxial 0/90 (136752) – A medium weight Biaxial Material on Sale! 


Triaxle SXTW3400 50″ FGI (137882) – A thick Triaxial material on Sale!


XM2408 12″ +/-45 (125660) – A 12″ wide roll of 2408 on Sale!



XM1708 12″ Double Bias +/-45 – 12″ Wide (125652) Roll of 1708 on Sale!



CM3610 60″ Biaxial FCI 0/90 (137473) – 1 roll of 3610, 60″ on Sale! 



TXSW 3408 6″ (125778) Triax material 6″ wide on Sale!


SX2408 8″ (125778) A Biaxial material 8″ wide on Sale!

sale24oz 51″ OCV FCI 5×2 (139867) – 24 oz Woven Roving – Heavy Duty Fiberglass – On Sale!



FGCI.com got a Facelift!

As part of our continued effort to be the top Fiberglass Coatings distributor in the country, we have brought in a new website to FGCI.com that includes tons of new features, more options to help our customers, more resources to help answer our customer’s questions, and a new look.


Our new site has an easy to use “Shop” button that organizes the thousands of products we offer into easy to find sections or use the Search Bar for instant access. Once you find the products you need, checkout is a breeze, and your order is quickly sent to customer service who can get the order out even faster.

new_fgci_attributesOne of the biggest new features of our site is the ability to narrow your search to what you want. For example, in gelcoat, you can narrow your search to quarts; you can narrow it further to a color and now, even whether you want wax or no wax. With this new system, it will be easier than ever to find what you want.

For current customers, the “Resources” button offers access and information on your account, including account balance, and even the ability to order items from your history with us.

For customers looking to get in contact with us, you can go to out Events page, which highlights the places we will be, along with a “Contact us” button at the bottom where you can e-mail us your questions.

We are very excited to release our new site and we look forward to working with you, our customer to make your online experience even better!

Comment below and tell us what you think of our site! 

Product Spotlight: OEM Sandpaper

oem-sandpaperA product that we don’t often talk about here at FGCI is sandpaper. Sandpaper is used with nearly every job because you need to treat the surface before applying most resins, gelcoats and paints. You also use sandpaper to get any old resin, gelcoat and paint off of your surface before applying a new coating. So, with all this use, you need a product that is inexpensive, but most of all; reliable.

With that, we present OEM Sandpaper by FGCI. FGCI OEM Sandpaper is perfect for almost any job. It uses a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing and is offered in 5” and 6” sizes. They are sold in rolls of 100 and run anywhere from $14.75 a roll to $27.80 a roll. At that price, it’s convenient and easy to buy the many grits we offer for any job you have.

The best part about OEM sandpaper is the longevity. You know you have been there when you replace a sheet and start sanding only to see the brand new paper completely useless moments later. With OEM sandpaper, you will get a fantastic life from your paper at a minimal cost.

OEM Sandpaper is available in our stores in St. Petersburg and Ft. Lauderdale; online at www.FGCI.com and now on Amazon, too!

5 tips on how to battle the Florida heat


One of the biggest problems customers face in the dead of summer is the heat. Gelcoat and resin are very sensitive to heat. The hotter the work environment, the quicker the work time, and conversely, the cooler the work environment, the longer the work time, so with that being said, we have a few tips to beat the heat!

  1. Cool down the gelcoat or resin. By refrigerating the product, down to about 65 degrees, you can get up to 15 minutes of working time with the product. It’s not hours, but it’s way better than 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. Cool the mold down by having fans on the mold, especially the back-side, to get a bit more working time.
  3. Epoxies are very sensitive to temperature changes. By cooling down epoxy systems, they become thicker, but as they heat up, they become thinner and if you are laminating, especially vertically, then thinner is not your friend. By keeping the product the same temperature, you will get a consistent flow.
  4. If you are able to cool down your work area, be mindful of the humidity. Remember, humidity is not your friend, so make sure the mold and the surrounding area is nice and dry before spraying.
  5. Make small batches of gelcoat or resin at a time and catalyze at 1-1/2 percent on gelcoats and polyester resins (still 2% on Vinylesters) to avoid the material getting any hotter than it already is.



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